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We Develop Plugins for

  • Revit
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • AutoCAD P&ID
  • AutoCAD Electrical

JavaScript for Revit

Access to Revit Objects

Access to Revit objects directly from JavaScript including Project Information, Doors, Rooms, Phases, and etc.

Works with Parameters ParamJS

Add JavaScript formula to any parameter. E.g. Adding a formula on a Room's parameter to calculate Occupancy Load.

Works on Entire Project BatchJS

Write JavaScript that updates an entire project. E.g. Renumber all mark value to solve duplicate mark issue.

Free for Non-Commercial Use

If you're using Revit student version, you can use LazJS for free.

Code Libraries and Sharing

Comes with 20+ scripts. Upload and share your scripts with the community.

Built-In Excel Plugin

Export and Import data using Excel. Update parameter value or perform actions such as unplacing a room or deleting a light.

Data Management for CAD & BIM

Autodesk Applications

Works with AutoCAD, Plant 3D, P&ID, and Revit

Excel and Database Integration

Export to Excel, Access, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite

Single Database

Data is consolidated into a single project database.

Update Design Files

Update drawings or Revit model from excel or database

Update Configuration

Update drawing configuration such as layers and text style. Update revit configuration such as View Template and settings.

Support for Other Application

Support additional non-Autodesk application using our SDK

Free Plugins

We have developed a set of free tools over the years to helps the community.


Easily connect Off Page Connector in AutoCAD P&ID. Solve performance issue when connecting OPC in a large project. This is an open source project hosted on Github.


Process multiple drawings inside P&ID and Plant 3D including fix, update and other commands

Revit Workshared File Notification

Notification when an old local file is opened and prompt to synchronize latest copy from central model. Prevent user from opening central model.

Professional Consulting Service

We provide professional consulting and development service according to your company's need.
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