LazOPC - Off Page Connector Fix

LazOPC is a free open source plugin to fix off page connector performance issue in AutoCAD P&ID 2014 and 2015. It is also an alternative way to connect two OPC together.


Why use LazOPC?

Recent update in AutoCAD P&ID 2014 and 2015 causes performance issue when trying to connect an off page connector. This issue is caused by the software trying to query all connectors information from database one by one. LazOPC allows you to select two OPC and connects them together.

How to use LazOPC?

  1. Type "OPCSELECT" in the command line.
  2. Pick the first Off page connector (or skip step1 and directly right click the connector and select Opc Connect)
  3. Go to the other drawing and enter "OPCSELECT" command again and pick a second connector.


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