Revit Workshared File Notification

This free plugin allows you to better manage workshared enabled Revit file.


Why recreate a local file?

Creating a new local file everyday is a great way to prevent problems with work-sharing. This basically makes sure that you are always working on the latest version of the central file, and can eliminate problems with permissions that might occur if you are working in the same local file every day (eventually, the local and central files get out of sync, and you have problems reloading latest, or saving to central).

This plugin will prompt you if a local file is old and gives you an option to recreate the local file automatically.

Old local file

Why restrict opening of central file?

One can easily opened a central file if the shortcut is shown in Revit Recent files list.

This plugin will prevent user from accidentally opened a central file by showing a message when a central file is opened.

Open central file


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