Laz Plant Browser (Batch Command)

Ever tired on running the same command for each drawing for a whole bunch of drawings? Ever tried to import excel into the data manager and only to found out that it opens all the drawings at once causing the software to run out of memory?

LazPlantBrowser, is a free project. This app allows you to process multiple P&ID drawings at once (support for Piping, Ortho and Iso project will be added in the future). You can choose available commands from the list or make your own command.  It works for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2012 and P&ID 2012 currently. The default package already comes with a Update Acquisition addin dll.

Over the next few weeks i'll be blogging on how to develop this app and how to develop plugins for this app. I'll be making this app open source soon so don't bother asking for codes.

Download (Please download Updated version here)

Future roadmap

  • Add support for Piping, Ortho and Iso project
  • Implement Silent command (open the database instead of the document) to reduce running time
  • Save commands as a group to be reused
  • UI plugin to provide option for command

Here's an introduction

Netload the only dll in the package and launch the palette using LazPlantBrowser command. Select drawings and click next

 Select drawings

Add commands, reorder selected commands and click run.

Select commands

To add additional commands, drop a dll which implements IBatchCommand into the Addins folder.

Adding folder

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