Free Tools for Editing Plant 3D SQLite Database

Since both Plant 3D and P&ID uses SQLite as a default database, it is good to know some free tools that you can use to edit the database.

[For Geeks only] SQLite is originally developed by D. Richard Hipp back in 2000. It is a self sustaining database in a single file. It works without any process or any services. The only problems with SQLite is when writing to the database. Since it is still a file, no multiple users can write to the database at the same time. The database will be lock when a user start to write to the database and the lock will be release when the writing is done. So it is not encouraged to use SQLite as a database when there are multiple users working on one project.

Here are the free tools:

  1. SQLite Database Browser (Simple GUI)
  2. SQLite Expert Personal (Personal version is free and it is by far the most user friendly one)
  3. SQLite Manager (Addons inside Mozilla! Works if you do not have administrator access to install SQLite Expert)

Feel free to post a comment if you have another one that is working for you.

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