Fixing AutoCAD Program Error

Whenever i ran into problem with any AutoCAD software, the first thing i would NOT do is reinstall or repair the installation. Most of the time, program itself do not write changes to the Program Files, so it would be impossible for the error to be caused by corrupted installation files. Since Windows 7, program that need to made changes to important directory (such as Program Files) will require administrative access. Running AutoCAD does not require that.

So what could went wrong? AutoCAD does write some files to the user registry and application data, so these files could be corrupted (during runtime error). For Plant 3D, these would be the script that i would run in the windows command line. 

rd "%AppData%\Autodesk\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 - English/" /Q /S
rd "%localAppData%\Autodesk\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 - English/" /Q /S
Reg Delete HKCU\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R19.0\ACAD-B017:409 /f

What these script does is

  1. Remove the user app data directory
  2. Remove the local user app data directory
  3. Delete the user settings from registry

Remember, these would erase all the user settings and customization.

If this still does not fix it, prepare to reinstall .NET framework. Why? AutoCAD re-installation does not help you to reinstall anything that you have installed in the first place. If you uninstall AutoCAD, it would not remove .NET framework or all the C++ redistributable package. So if these are the cause of the problem, reinstallation would not fix it.

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