How to make Plant 3D Student version works

For those who doesn't know, there's a free Student version for all the majority of Autodesk products on this Autodesk Education Community site. One of the major problem with Plant 3D or P&ID, is that it won't allow you to create new drawings or even open Project Manager. 

Today, I have a chance to try out Plant 3D Student version and

Here's my experience

  1. When i add a new drawing

  2. When open project setup

So what went wrong? Upon opening a new drawing, and this dialog box shows, i finally realized what was the problem.

Student Version

Here's some information about student version. If you open and save any drawing, it will be marked with Educational Version stamp which will be visible during plotting. So in order to prevent you from accidently making the mistake, it simply prompts you so that you're aware of this. On the other hand, Plant 3D or P&ID does not consider the dialog box when creating a new drawing or open the PSS. In both cases, it needs to open an untouched non-stamped version of the drawing which caused this dialog box to shows up.

So how to solve this?

Simply open the DWT file used for creating the new drawing and save it. Then open the PSS (projSymbolStyle.dwg) drawing (located in the root directory of the project) and save it as well. The next time, you won't have these problem anymore.

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