Offpage Connector Quick Fix in 2014

There has been many issue regarding the performance of using Off Page Connector in AutoCAD P&ID 2014.  Refer to these blog posts for more information (1) and(2). Basically, the performance problem is caused P&ID querying the database too many times. Since I have some free time today, I went ahead and created my first Open Source project in github. The project is called Lazcad.OPC. Basically, it is a very simple application that allows you to connect two Off Page Connector without using the OPC command in AutoCAD P&ID.

Project Site

Project is located on GitHub. Make sure to read the instruction in the project page.


To download, go here


Since I have found out that someone is copying my code previously and sell it without getting my approval, this project is now released under new BSD License. Make sure to read the license properly and do not copy the code without attribution.


Feel free to contribute to the code (contact me if you need help setting up), provide suggestions and comments. I can possibly improve the application by querying a list of connectors information and shows it on the UI for selection. This will be done in a single query to the database. But lets wait and see if Autodesk comes up with a hotfix for this in the next month or so.

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