Downgrade a Plant or P&ID Project from 2014 to 2013

Upgraded your project and forget to backup your original files, only to find out that the new version isn't working like you think. I've been there. 

Now, is there a way to downgrade a project? Here's how I did it

  1. I copied out the sample 2014 Project in the %APPDATA% folder to my desktop
  2. Use a text editor (I use Notepad++) and open up all the XML files in the root of the project folder.
  3. Now search for this text. <ProjectVersion>7</ProjectVersion>
  4. Replace it with <ProjectVersion>6</ProjectVersion>

Voila, now you can open the sample project in 2013. Anyway, there are a lot more changes in the xml file than you think. So unless it is critical, do not use this method. And always remember to backup. Speaking of backup, there isn't a standard procedure to backup a project. What if the database is corrupted? What if I want to restore a drawing that I did the day before? Guess I will discuss that in another post at another time.

Anyway, how do you do a project backup now?

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