• Deploying AutoCAD 2013 and Offline Help


    Tried to deploy AutoCAD 2013? If you have done so, you might found out that help files are no longer bundled together with the original installer. You can download the Offline Help Installer and create another deployment but here's a way to integrate help files into the AutoCAD deployment (works also for any vertical AutoCAD 2013 software).

    Offline Help Installer here

    AutoCAD 2013 Help Installer

    AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 Help Installer

    AutoCAD P&ID 2013 Help Installer

    Procedure …

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  • LazPlantBrowser 0.2.01Beta


    Bug fix where annotation (reducer and spec break) shows as dot after running either Synchstyles or Refresh Annotation command.

    Syncystyles command also has been updated to NOT refresh annotation. This is because of a buggy API. To update annotation correctly, make sure to queue Refresh Annotation command last.

    Download this update from the Download page.

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  • Creating a Refresh Acquisition Addin for LazPlantBrowser


    LazPLantBrowser loads extra commands by detecting addins in the addins folder. For the application to detect a plugin, the plugin must implement either ISilentBatchCommand or IBatchCommand interface.

    ISilentBatchCommand - Can run without opening the drawing. You will be provided with the Database object

    IBatchCommand - Run by opening the drawing. You will be provided with the Document object.

    Implement Public Properties and Methods

    For any of the interface, you will need to implement …

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  • Getting Started with AutoCAD Plant 3D API Development


    Before coding for AutoCAD Plant 3D and P&ID, here are a few tools that you need to install.

    Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows - Main development tool

    ObjectARX for AutoCAD 2013 - AutoCAD SDK for accessing database and drawing. Plant 3D SDK depends on this.

    Plant 3D 2013 SDK - To access API in AutoCAD Plant 3D & AutoCAD P&ID

    Here are some simple steps to setup a new project.

    Create a new Class Library project.

    Set the target framework to .NET …

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  • Free Tools for Editing Plant 3D SQLite Database


    Since both Plant 3D and P&ID uses SQLite as a default database, it is good to know some free tools that you can use to edit the database.

    [For Geeks only] SQLite is originally developed by D. Richard Hipp back in 2000. It is a self sustaining database in a single file. It works without any process or any services. The only problems with SQLite is when writing to the database. Since it is still a file, no multiple users can write to the database at the same time. The database will be …

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  • AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 Extension 1


    Finally Vault Plugin is available for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013. It works with Autodesk Vault 2013 (WorkGroup, Collaboration, and Professional).

    It is available from the Autodesk Subscription website.

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  • LazPlantBrowser v0.2Beta


    Finally Lazcad PlantBrowser 0.2 Beta is released. Here's some highlight features in this version

    Supports both 2012 and 2013 version

    Add supports for Piping, Ortho, and Iso projects

    Distributed using autoloader format for easier installation

    Some commands can run without opening the drawing

    Updated User Interface for easier navigation

    Added new command (Regenerate Tag)

    Go to download page

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  • Convert Plant 3D Project from SQLite to MSSQL


    It is not known to many users that there is a hidden utility to convert an existing project database from SQLite to Microsoft SQL. Here are the links to the PnPProjectMaintenance

    %ProgramFiles%\Autodesk\AutoCAD P&ID 2013 - English\PnPProjectMaintenance.exe

    %ProgramFiles%\Autodesk\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 - English\PnPProjectMaintenance.exe

    In some cases, creating a new MSSQL project using an existing project xml will causes error. In such case, you can first create a SQLite project and …

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  • Laz Plant Browser (Batch Command)


    Ever tired on running the same command for each drawing for a whole bunch of drawings? Ever tried to import excel into the data manager and only to found out that it opens all the drawings at once causing the software to run out of memory?

    LazPlantBrowser, is a free project. This app allows you to process multiple P&ID drawings at once (support for Piping, Ortho and Iso project will be added in the future). You can choose available commands from the list or make your own command.  …

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  • Update Acquisition Tag (AutoCAD P&ID)


    When you create a new acquisition property, existing symbols will not be able to acquire the new property from the source. Here's an example to reproduce the problem.

    First, add a property using an acquisition type.

    From the data source dialog,  select to retrieve the Tag value from the tank.

    Existing nozzles is not able to retrieve the tank's tag.

    I have wrote a plugin to fix this. This plugin will work on all equipment as long as the tag is set to acquisition. Once you …

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